why are jeep patriots so cheap

Why Are Jeep Patriots so Cheap?

Jeep Patriot is a compact SUV that was first introduced in the market in 2006. The vehicle has been a huge success in the market, which is why it still can be found on the roads today although the Patriot has been discontinued. In this article, we are going to look at why Jeep Patriots are affordable.

Why are Jeep Patriots Cheap?

In short Jeep, patriots are cheap because they are small compact SUVs that come with fewer premium features, a basic interior, and a very basic engine. They are meant for those who fully intend to use it as an everyday driver and prefer not to spend money on a luxury version of a car rather than going for the current models in the market.

Here are some other reasons why Jeep Patriots are inexpensive:

1. Its an Entry Level Compact SUV

The Patriot was first introduced into the market as a new entry-level compact SUV. It was manufactured when small SUVs were becoming more and more popular in the market.

Jeep decided to enter this market with an entry-level vehicle, which is why they priced it at an affordable range, making it highly competitive in the market against other vehicles of a similar price range.

2. Basic Interior

Inside the Patriot, the interior is extremely basic. It does not have any fancy features or anything that makes it stand out from other vehicles of a similar price range.

The Jeep Patriot is basically a vehicle for those who do not want to spend a lot of money on their cars and are looking for a functional SUV that will allow them to drive from point A to point B without any issues.

3. No Powered windows and doors

The Patriot’s doors and windows are powered manually. The windows can be opened and closed manually on the inside of the door, while the doors can be unlocked and opened manually by pressing the button on the inside of each door. This cuts down some of the costs.

4. Competing on price

With the Patriot, Jeep was competing on price. This is because it was one of the cheapest SUV in the market when first introduced. It had to compete with other vehicles of a similar price range, and in order to be able to compete with other vehicles that were also within this price range, Jeep had to cut down on costs where they could.

5. Standard material used

The standard material that was used to build the Patriot is not of the highest quality. The reason why they were able to manufacture it at such a low cost is that they made sure all the costs were cut down where necessary.

6. No top-of-the-line options

The Patriot does not offer anything that would be considered “top-of-the-line”. It still has air conditioning, manually operated windows, and door locks, but that is about it. Other features are minimal, making production costs minimal too.

7. Smaller engine used

The Patriot uses a smaller sized engine, which means that the engine does not cost a lot to manufacture. A smaller engine is cheaper to make than a bigger engine. The Patriot uses an inline four-cylinder engine that is 2.4 liters in size with that said they are not slow but not fast either, however, there are things you can do to make a Jeep Patriot faster.

8. It’s Not a Luxury vehicle

The Patriot is not a luxury vehicle. It is not meant to be one. It was meant to be an entry-level SUV that was highly competitive in the market against other vehicles of a similar price range.

9. Ride quality is not that good

The ride quality is not bad, but it is not good either. It is what it was designed to be – a simple vehicle that can get you from point A to B without any problems. This vehicle is not meant for those who want a comfortable ride.

10. Doesn’t have a premium feel

Jeep does not have a premium feel to their vehicles. They are all made with no-frills, and they are simple in their design. Having a simple appearance has not been negative for Jeep, and the Patriot was no different.


Although Jeep Patriots are considered to be cheap and affordable they still do have their place in the market, especially for new first car owners and people looking for inexpensive vehicles that are lighter in fuel, provides reliability, and moves them from point A to B without any issues.